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VIGILANTECH SECURITY MANAGEMENT PTE LTD was established in 1996 under the Singapore Police Force Ordinance, and is licensed by the Police Licensing Regulatory Department to provide uniform security guard services, executive protection and other professional security consultancy services.

We believe in providing the best security solution for our clients which includes combining quality and efficient manpower, service excellence and advanced security technology.

What We Do

Manpower & Security

We hire and retain personnel that are qualified, trained according to National Standards as well as our own Internal Training Standards while continuously focused on our Mission. Our security personnel are also trained to rectify simple power trips and simple maintenance problems that may arise after office hours.

Our projects are majorly in Condominium / Commercial / Office Building Security / Warehouse / Dormitories / Wafer Factory.

Remote Surveillance with Onestop Security Platform (OSP)

PSIM (Physical Security Info Management) – Integrates all Security Camera Feeds into one digital system – Security Officers need not have to monitor the screens all the time and can focus on reacting on alerts prompted by PSIM.

Incorporating of technology systems into the manpower contracts as an integrated solution to service buyers

  • Offer buyers a better cost-management monthly payment mode over the contract period without a need for large upfront deposits and subsequent progress payments
  • Ability to cap and control raising prices to service buyers

Buyer can Achieve a better / same level of security for the premise, using lesser manpower. Job Re-design for Security Officers to focus on effective tasks such as Security Technology Operations and Efficient Responding to Alerts. More affordable and manageable cost to deliver comprehensive security solutions via Subscription mode.

Armfort Security System

Our cloud-based system which contains a centralised integrated employee database where Operations and HR modules, like Officer Trainings, Attendance, Patrolling and Incident Management can be efficiently managed.

Quick Response Team

We understand that the world is never stagnant and constantly evolving with threats and risk events. It is our responsibility that our security officers are always trained to react timely to any challenges.

We provide training and upgrading to better ensure our clients’ needs are met during difficult times. With modern technology, we are able to improve our efficiency, take swift actions while greatly enhancing safety for everyone.

We also have an Emergency Response Team ready to respond to any incidents requiring a physical guard to be on site.

Our Valued Clients


  • Client Image

    You have been with Cavenagh House since 2007 and I only kept hearing praises of how knowledgeable your staff are. You have a superb term of security officers. Your staff presence not only brings a sense of security and peace for the residents, many are known to be responsive, always ready and willing to help the residents and the management in any matter that may arise.

    We are very pleased with the current service and we look forward to having you around in years to come.

    • M. Shaheedu
    • Property Executive of Pacific Property Management
  • Client Image

    We have been using your security services from Vigilantech Security Management Pte Ltd since July 2008. You have a pool of well-trained security officers who are knowledgeable, reliable, friendly and your team worked at site with minimal supervision, ensuring no lapse in contractual agreement. Your security officers are attentive and responsive in providing feedbacks of unauthorized activities, allowing us to react in a timely manner to prevent any reoccurrence of such incident, ensuring workplace safety. We appreciate your support all these years and would highly recommend your company to anyone who requires security services any time.

    • Jayarama Innanje
    • Senior Engineer of M+W Group
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    We have been using your services for over the past 5 years exclusively at all our in-house events. Your staff and management team are reliable, friendly, responsive and knowledgeable. Your security officer have prevented unauthorized person to enter our dormitory area to ensure a safe, pleasant and harmonious living environment for all our occupants.

    We appreciate your generous support and would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone requiring reliable and professional security services.

    • Eleen Lian
    • Manager of Maxi Consultancy

Our Accreditation & Associations

Our clients and partners have shown their faith in us as we continue to deliver excellence. Thank you for recognising our strengths and our ability to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

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