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Minimum requirements for admission of the post of a security officer:

  • Possess PLRD License
  • Secondary Education and above
  • Age 18 and above
  • Able to speak & write English
  • Physically Fit

* Malaysians are welcomed.

Roles & Responsibilities

Job Requirements


  • Screening of people, property or vehicle

Patrolling & Guarding

  • Patrol and clock routes
  • Checking:
    • prevent entry/exit of unauthorized people, property or vehicle
    • entry/exit points are clear and secured
    • doors/windows/service lifts are secured
    • perimeter fences/walls/locks for wear & tear or forced entry
    • security system/equipment are working and not tampered with
    • signs of smoke or fire
  • Guarding:
    • Guard premises/property
    • Preventing theft
    • Loss prevention (e.g. store detective)
    • Escort of cash or valuables in transit
  • Note and report irregularities
  • Detain suspicious person or vehicle and await instructions

Access & Egress Control

  • Control entry & exit points
  • Conduct identity check and exchange passes
  • Authorize access to staff and visitors
  • Operate gates, door or barriers
  • Traffic control within client premise
  • Maintain access control records
  • Escort visitors

Incident Response

  • Respond and report:
  • fire alarms & fire related incidents
  • crimes or public order incidents
  • suspicious event, persons, properties or vehicles
  • medical emergencies
  • bomb or terrorist threats
  • lift breakdown, power failure, burst water pipe/leaking or ruptured sprinklers
  • Request for assistance within guarded premise by person suffering from injury, loss or damage of property
  • Assist in evacuation

Operate Security & Safety Systems

  • Operate
  • Central Alarm Monitoring System (CAMS)
  • Fire control system
  • Lift control system
  • Electronic carpark system

Regulating Traffic (Road Traffic Act)

  • Regulate traffic under Section 142B of Road Traffic Act

Security Command Centre, Fire Command Centre (FCC) Monitoring

  • The primary responsibility of providing surveillance through CCTV/CAMS/FCC monitoring
  • Maintain CCTV storage libraries
  • Preserve evidence

Assist Ministries, Statutory Boards or Government Departments in Law Enforcement Duties

Key Press Management

  • Exercise control over keys to areas defined as critical or sensitive by the client

Appointed as Site-in-Charge of Security Command Centre / FCC with 3 or less personnel (including the supervisor)

Incident Management & Reporting

  • Supervise deployment at major/largescale events
  • Respond to and report incidents at major/large-scale events
  • Manage security incidents at major/largescale events and report to relevant authorities

Direct Supervision

  • Supervise & direct security personnel
  • Conduct team briefing & debrief
  • Train subordinates

Execute Evacuation Plans & Exercises

  • Execute evacuation plans or exercises

Appointed as Site-in-Charge of Security Command Centre /FCC with more than 3 personnel (including the supervisor)

Conduct Security Audits & Risk Assessment

  • Assess security risks & prepare mitigation measures
  • Plan, confirm and conduct security audits

General Supervision

  • Plan, assess & review team performance
  • Assess subordinates
  • Conduct After Action Reviews

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Able to work on 12 hours shift and on weekends.

Supervision Management

  • Maintain overall discipline & conduct of all security personnel
  • Cluster manpower planning, development & management
  • Conduct disciplinary inquiries & open file

Form & Lead Security Watch Groups

  • Conduct operational/situational trend analysis
  • Conduct crime/public order threat analysis
  • Collaborate with security stakeholders on security matters

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Conduct recruitment of security officers.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Resolve disciplinary and security operational issues.

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